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if your relatives were selling you something, you wouldn’t expect them to charge you full price would you?

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    if your relatives were selling you something, you wouldn’t expect them to charge you full price would you?

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  2. When stopping a girl from walking away... →





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  3. When you see a picture of you from 2 years ago, →


    When you see a picture of you from 2 minutes ago,

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  9. To the men

    When you prioritize your friends over your gf, that means one thing. You’re afraid of commitment, in the first place… Because, IN THE BEGINNING, you already thought that you and her will never last long and you think that you and your friends will last longer always. But did you know, if your friends are your true friends, they will understand that you’re in love and you want to prioritize your gf? And they will never ever judge you nor leave you behind? Because you’re friends… It’s not that hard to love and prioritize your gf, you know why?

    Because IN THE BEGINNING, she knew you two will last longer than her friends… That’s how she trusted you IN THE BEGINNING… while IN THE BEGINNING… You just didn’t trust that you two will last long.

    If you think girlfriends are disposable… they will always be disposable to you… But if you change your views… You’ll know that in the end, Love is right and nothing will be boring between you two because you trust each other. You won’t even miss your friends while you’re with her.

    And your friends will call on you, but you’ll stay with your gf instead because you know you love being with her and that you prioritize her over your friends when you have a free time…

    A gf isn’t rude, nor bad.

    They only get rude if you don’t treat them nicely.

    They’re only bad if they feel they’re not assured of your focused love to her.

    Your gf also has friends but she’d rather spend her free time with you. Didn’t you notice that?

    Your gf misses her friends also, just as you miss your friends.

    But where are her priorities? It’s with you. Because she’d rather make you feel better than her friends, and she knows that her friends will always understand her.

    She tries to get you and her friends get to know each other, why? Because she loves you and she loves her friends, and she wants a harmonious relationship between you and her friends.

    Do you try to let your friends get to know her?

    Where does your priority lie?

    Are you afraid of committing to a gf you always thought would never stick with you?

    If you’re always on the negative side of things, your gf will feel that and you’ll get what you’ve hoped for.

    You and her will split up.

    Because she feels that you never trusted her… yet she has trusted your whole being no matter the situation was.

    You have so much respect and loyalty to your friends.

    Isn’t it time you thought about yourself and give much more respect and loyalty to your gf?

    Your gf has her family.

    You have your family.

    You know how to prioritize that.

    Your gf has a job.

    You have a job.

    You talk about how to prioritize each other.

    Never leave an issue undiscussed. 

    It’s better if you discuss objectively the issues and find a common ground.

    Did anyone tell you that having a bf/gf doesn’t make you complete? You complete yourself?

    That’s true.

    But did you ever think that if you didn’t have a good relationship with your gf, that would even make you look dumber if you claim that being alone should make you complete and happy? Just to justify why you didn’t treat your gf better?

    Maybe you should look in the mirror and evaluate how you have mistreated her.

    Maybe you should learn to make most out of a relationship instead of thinking it will always end because girlfriends aren’t long-term, and friends are long-term.

    Maybe you should think better about your gf and know that when you compare your gf with your friends… you have crossed the line, because that’s a bad thing, you know that.

    Friends and Girlfriends are two different ideas.

    Friends make you happy doing this and that.

    Your girlfriend makes you happy doing this and that.

    They shouldn’t be compared.

    Nor should you put in mind that they’re both fighting over you.

    No one has to fight over you if you know how to separate your feelings.



    They are two separate different not-the-same idea/topic/subject/thing.

    So if you think, you’d rather be with your friends than your gf.

    Congratulations, you’re very mature to mix your feelings with your gf and friends… you have made a love triangle.

    Any idiot would know that your gf is your gf.

    Your friends are your friends.

    No competition.

    And if you didn’t know that.

    Then you’re dumber than I thought.

    When you choose a girl, never think of her like she’d be there for only a short time. Expect that she’ll love you more each day, will want to marry you and stay by your side until the day you die. Never think that she will take you away from your friends. Are you a kid that was taken from her friends by her mommy? Of course not, YOU’RE A GROWN MAN. So never think, that your girlfriend will always be versus your friends. If you think like that, I’d say you’re one stupid guy. A moron. And neither should you expect that your friends will always be versus your girlfriend. What are you? A toy? That people have to share with? You better start thinking more of yourself, YOU ARE A PERSON, WITH BRAINS. So use your brains. Your friends and your girlfriend should not in any way, conflict each other, so don’t you dare start something up so that you could watch both parties have their war. AND SERIOUSLY? YOU LIKE THEM FIGHTING OVER YOU? THAT’S ABNORMAL. ABNORMAL OF YOU. AND A BIT CONCEITED. Sometimes, you have to be a good pacifier. And a dictator for both sides to be well together. Be the intervention they need to be friends with each other.

    Also, don’t think that they’re fighting over you if they do argue. Because, you’re not the center of their universe. REALLY. So don’t be so full of yourself, sometimes, it’s best to be humble, so practice being humble. If you have too much pride in yourself and you think it boosts your ego that there’s conflict between them and your gf because of you, well, it shouldn’t boost your ego. It should shame you that you’re not doing anything to keep peace between the two camps.

    So anyway, as I have said, you are not your friends center of their universe… Your friends will have their spouses, soon after their own children and their family becomes bigger and bigger.

    Won’t you ever have one like their path? Won’t you have a spouse too? And children of your own?

    You might feel afraid for yourself for the big responsibility, but didn’t you know that you and your girlfriend can plan your future? And not make stupid accidental decisions. Planning takes time, and so does executing them, but there should always be a time frame, a concrete time frame.

    Your friends and their gf/bf have their own lives.

    Obviously, you and your girlfriend have your own life too.

    Friends are their support you. Not take you away from your girlfriend.

    Friends are their to understand you. Not make themselves a better star to you than your girlfriend.

    Friends should simply be friends. In good times and bad times.

    And your gf? Your gf is your soulmate, lover, woman, girlfriend, assistant, bestfriend, mom, baby, your alter-ego (if you know what that means!), your family, your no.1 fan, your happiness, your protector, you comfort and your frenemy… (friend and enemy) all rolled into one.

    Sometimes, use your God-given reasoning to think about simple situations like these.

    And talk to your friends if you have a problem regarding your gf. They can help. Just watch out if they’re bad mouthing your gf… That’s not a good sign as a friend. If you love your gf, they should respect you and love your gf too. No below the belt advices. If they are loyal to you, you will be able to see if they give advices that would really help your relationship with your gf. If they’re not loyal to you, they will want to finish up your relationship with your gf.

    You both should be friends with each other’s friends, that’s how you show your full interest to a gf/bf. You both should introduce each other to your families, that’s how you show that you’re both sincere to each other.

    So, when you have a gf, make her feel that you will always stay with her and that your relationship will never ever end. Don’t make her feel that you will give her up over your friends. Because no doubt, she will flare up and think twice about you as an insincere person who just wanted to have a gf for a short while to knock up and have a good time with. If you are sincere to your gf, show her that you really are sincere…

    Don’t make your girlfriend cry over stupid mind-settings such as yours. It’s time to grow up and think like a man. You’re no longer a boy.

    It’s not that hard to use your common sense.

    Commitment doesn’t mean, I’ll lose my friends.
    Commitment means, I love her, I’ll have a bigger set of friends/family when I have her in my life.

    Commitment doesn’t mean, I’m no longer free.
    Commitment means, I am now a proud and responsible person and I will never make her/him cry or feel bad. I will always make her/him feel good, to support each other and be there for each other. 

    Commitment doesn’t mean, I’m going to marry soon!!!
    Commitment means, planning. Understanding each other’s needs and wants. Seeing the future in a positive way. Building a path for what’s ahead. Securing each other.

    Commitment doesn’t mean, I won’t be able to help my brothers/sisters/mother/father/cousins/etc/etc.
    Commitment means, you both know how to segregate money matters and you’ll both be wise spenders than lousy spenders.

    Commitment means, appropriate closeness and space away from each other. Going out with other people on a FRIENDLY BASIS, (AS LONG AS IT’S ONLY AS FRIENDS AND NOTHING MORE) is healthy. Your gf has friends, you have friends, heck, you two can go out together with each other’s friends. Like double date with another couple friend you have. Don’t alienate each other from your friends even though you so love each other’s company. It’s good to go out, once in a while, with someone else. As long as it’s just friends, no kissing, no hugging, no touching, no whatsoever. Just talk as friends. Go out as friends. AS FRIENDS. That’s healthy. Go out with your friends, she’s not telling you to stop seeing them. See your friends. But know your limits. Always know your limits. After all, you need to learn how to control and discipline yourself.

    Commitment doesn’t mean, no more money.
    Commitment means, thinking ahead. Money is money. They don’t grow on trees. So if you and your girlfriend have to be thrifty. Then be so. And if you both have the money to celebrate and spend, then do so. (Not so often though) Money allocation is good. Allocate that for yourself, your gf and you, your family, emergency money, expense money, etc. Money is money and they don’t grow on trees. Remember that. She should know also how to handle money matters.

    Commitment doesn’t mean, less steamy romance.
    Commitment means, exploring each other in all aspects of life. Physical, religious, social, psychological, environmental, financial, etc etc. That’s how wide your mind should think now, think specific, think general… Have interesting talks, not dumb talks. Your talk could be trivial, or just laughing… But never forget to talk with substance. (SUBSTANCE!)

    Commitment doesn’t mean, your ego is defeated.
    Commitment means, you’d rather be happy with your gf than be lonely by yourself or finding another one . Because obviously, you both will be happy to find out that both your ego/pride has been disregarded because your love for each other is bigger than both of your ego or pride.

    Commitment doesn’t mean, I won’t be able to meet other girls.
    Commitment means, feeling secured that even if you meet other girls, it’s okay, because you know you are committed and you no longer feel you have a need to find another girl. 

    So if you are contemplating right now. Contemplate hard.
    You can fall in love with a lot of girls. She can fall in love with a lot of boys.
    The challenge is… will you let each other go? Just because you didn’t talk about the issues. Will you let each other go? Just because you think it’s better to be with your friends? They have their lives, don’t occupy their life just because they’re your friends.

    Think better and be a better man.
    Become the best man for her.
    And she will be your partner for life. She will become the best woman for you.
    This is how Love should be, helping each other. Supporting each other.
    That’s how you should inspire each other.
    Stop being selfish to one another. Don’t make her in any way jealous or envious, be sensitive to her feelings.

    Your friends are there on your occasions: your wedding, your kid’s baptism, your 60th bday, etc… But your soulmate, she will always be there: by your side, when you have to do work late at night::she will accompany you, when you get sick::she will take care of you, when you’re driving::she will be your co-navigator, when you need a friend when all your friends are pre-occupied::she will be your friend and counsel you, and a lot more… that’s how much she loves you…

    How much do you love her? Isn’t it high time you think much bigger of her? She will be your wall, when you need someone to lean on. She will be the voice, when you need someone to cheer you up. She will be your guide, when you’re lost.

    Change your view.
    It’s not too late.

    "In the beginning, you know she’s your soul mate. Now, let her know in the end, that you’re her soul mate."

    And also, put God in the center of your relationship with your gf. If you both regard faith and hope, harsh and foul words will stop coming out of your mouths. And thinking before saying anything will be second nature to you both. Take care of your relationship. No one else will. If you value her, show her that you do. Make no dilly-dallying to patch things up. For tomorrow, you don’t know what will happen… It is best to solve an issue before it becomes bigger than the both of you. It’s okay to talk and say sorry to each other. Understanding each other and discussing with each other is a good sign of maturity. 

  10. If the mind keeps thinking you’ve had enough
    But the heart keeps telling you don’t give up